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Photo by Sean McCallister and Tolu Olasoji/Center for Contemporary Documentation

"There is no transparency just deny, deny, deny." - East Palestine Resident

Left Top: Thick sheen that formed over the course of a hour after moving a rock on the banks of Sulpher Run.

Above: Sign put up to warn residents to avoid the contaminated creek.

Left Bottom: The same area where the oil puddle was found a few weeks later. There were no oil booms the first trip. (Note the creek runnung under a residence)

Above: Thin, white, and whispy contaminate emerges from a brick in Sulphur Run. (Not present in picture to the left taken seconds before).

"We are living in a twilight zone"- East Palestine Business Owner

Left and Four Rows Above: Each picture shows contaminants in Sulphur Run. The contaminants seeped out of bricks, rocks, wood, and from the creek itself. Each picture was individually taken, over the course of an hour, while accompanying a Creek Ranger on a creek walk. (Photos by Matthew Valenti)

The Sections below is the pathway that the contaminated creek, Sulphur Run, takes into and though East Palestine

Left & Right Top: Same area several weeks apart.

Left: Stairs were built and placed between visits.

Note the creek running under residential buildings made from bricks similar to the ones pictured above that were releasing contaminants.

Above: This is the area where the photos were taken during our creek walk with a Creek Ranger.

Left: This is where Sulphur Run goes under main street in East Palestine. The tan building ahead in the town municial building.

Above: Foundations built from materials (sandstone) that also retain contaminants. Located on Main Street 

Left: At this point Sulphur Run passes by First United Presbyterian Church and heads out towards the park and its confluence with Leslie Run. 

Time Magazine cover and special report, featuring the work of documentary photographer Rebecca Kiger

Pictures of East Palestine

April 3, 2024 Research Trip Photos