Photo Gallery

This gallery includes photos and images derived from or inspired by fieldwork on the social and environmental landscapes of natural gas development, as well as broader extractivist frontiers. 

Morgantown Industrial Park (photo by Daniel Renfrew, March 2022). The MIP, site of active Northeast Energy frac wells and proposed site of a new crypto data mining facility, is on the right of the photo. The city of Morgantown is partially seen on the left side, across the Monongahela River, which becomes the fluvial "fenceline" to the neighborhoods in this new crypto "fenceline community." 

Warning: Gas Pipeline (photo by Daniel Renfrew, March 2022, Morgantown Industrial Park)

Morgantown Industrial Park (photo by Jenna Ablak and Olivia Berarducci)

Morgantown Industrial Park (photo by Jenna Ablak and Olivia Berarducci)

I did this Illustration because since starting this process for this capstone and even though I am not a native West Virginian, this fish means a lot to me. 

The candy darter (Illustration by Chloe den Uijl, 3-22)

Pictured above: Senior Capstone students Brodie and Wes braving the snow in order to do field work in Prosperity and Amity, PA

Pictured below: The main street of Amity, PA, one of the main locations in the book, Amity and Prosperity, by Eliza Griswold.

Both taken by Capstone Student Lauren Bowlin.

Pictured above: Capstone students Brodie, Wes, Mononita, and Riley in Amity, Pa.

Pictured Below: The Kearney Pad, located in Amwell Township, PA.

Bottom photo: Brodie documenting the entrance to the Kearney Pad, owned by Range Resources, an infamous Oil and Gas company in South Western, PA.

All taken by Senior Capstone student Lauren Bowlin.